The Good Growth Plan Open Data

Since we launched The Good Growth Plan, we’ve established a solid foundation for reporting on progress that relies on independent data collection and validation, assurance by 3rd party assurance providers, and endorsement through our implementing partners. We publish our data to be transparent, accountable, and engage with our stakeholders in a different, new kind of dialogue.

Each year, we report our progress on the Good Growth Plan commitments and provide detailed data and definitions in accordance with the best data practices. In this way you can track and verify our dedication to doing business responsibly based on real evidence.

How to use our data

We use different Creative Commons licenses when we publish our data, for example Attribution-ShareAlike, an open data license. When using our data, please check the specific license and the conditions that apply.

When you use our data we ask you to ensure you don't misrepresent the data and its source. To help with this we ask you to:

  • Include a statement to indicate the source of the data, this is part of the terms of the Creative Commons Licence. Please use the following wording in your attribution statement: The Good Growth Plan Progress Data – [Dataset] ...and the respective year of publication.
  • Ensure you don't use or describe the data in any way that suggests The Good Growth Plan or Syngenta endorses you and your use of the data.

The Good Growth Plan

Every day, our planet wakes with nearly 200,000 more mouths to feed and more farmland lost to erosion. Many people who produce the world‘s food are living in poverty, while biodiversity is disappearing fast. We have a plan to meet these challenges: The Good Growth Plan.

We know we don‘t have all the answers. That’s why we’re working with growers, governments, NGOs and others to make a difference.


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Safe Use Data - 2021

    Syngenta is committed to raising awareness of risks and hazards associated with agricultural work. The dataset includes the number of people trained on the safe use of pesticides by or in collaboration with Syngenta.

    Safe use of products

    Soil Data - 2021

      Syngenta is commitment to help preserve and restore soil health. The dataset includes the number of hectares of farmland impacted by soil conservation practices established or managed in collaboration with Syngenta.

      Soil health

      Productivity Data - 2021

        Syngenta is committed to increasing crop productivity and to using limited resources such as land, water and inputs more efficiently. The dataset includes productivity indicators measured annually on farms using Syngenta crop protection and seed solutions.

        Innovation in agriculture

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