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Help people stay safe and healthy

Our commitment:

  • Goal zero incidents in our operations
  • Train 8 million farm workers on safe use every year
  • Strive for fair labor conditions across our entire supply chain

The map below shows the number of people (i.e., farm workers, farm owners, smallholders, product distributors, employees) trained on the responsible handling and use of crop protection products. You can select a country on the map to see the details. The country's color indicates the progress compared to the previous year, with dark green indicating the biggest overall percentage increase.

Available Resources: Safe Use 2021

Training sessions focus on the 5 golden rules on the safe use of crop protection products. They can be awareness sessions of at least 15 minutes focused only on the 5 golden rules or dedicated sessions of more than 60 minutes tackling specialized safe use topics such as sprayer operator or medical training. Sessions are either conducted by Sygenta or together with training partners (e.g., government agencies, NGOs, and industry associations).

In 2021, we trained 11 million people on the responsible handling and use of crop protection products, including 6.6 million smallholder farmers, representing an increase of 37% and 41% respectively compared to 2020. Asia Pacific and China accounted for 97% of people and 99% of smallholders trained.

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