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Phaedon cochleriae

This dataset is the result of a study to assess the survival of L1 of the Mustard Leaf Beetle (Phaedon cochleriae) after exposure to the RNA-based biocontrol candidate for CPB.

The experiment consisted of two treatments of lead construct and control, with 36 insects each. The beetles were exposed to a rate that would result in 100% mortality in a Colorado Potato Beetle bioassay. The plates were scored daily around the same time except for the weekend (hence no data on day 6 and 7). The plate wells were refreshed with a non-treated leaf disc at day 3.

The bioassays were setup and rated using Syngenta’s standard bioassay screening procedures, although this was not a GLP experiment. When ascertaining whether the test subjects were alive or dead, they would be poked and subsequently observed for movement. An internal negative control was taken in every experiment. As an internal standard, control mortality had to stay below 20% to be considered as a robust assay. Control mortality was 0% and 5.5% respectively on day 12.

The survival was calculated per replicate as {sum of alive test subjects/(sum of all test subjects)}.

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